A Route to Connect: youngsters crossing borders for a better Europe

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We are delighted to announce that the Work Plan for 2017 submitted to the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe has been approved! The project will be an important part of of SCI's current campaign Building Bridges. Find out more and how you can get involved! 

The following activities will take place as part of the Work Plan:

- An Inspirational and preparatory seminar that will gather activists, refugees and experienced volunteers to discuss the topic of the refugee crisis from a historical perspective, elaborating on examples of inclusion in volunteer work and peace building.

- a field study trip along the so called balkan route, taking place in late spring. the Field Study Trip will visit camps, transit centres, NGO’s, volunteer groups, refugee communities and Institutions who are situated along the “Balkan route” or former Humanitarian corridor, from Slovenia down to Greece. Before the trip, participants join a training, as to be prepared for the difficult situations they will encounter.

- an international campaign, composed of both local and international actions. The campaign will be launched at the start of the summer, giving visibility to the online platform which will include stories collected, methods used and the brief of the 10 local awareness raising actions. These public events will be organized in different countries by participants of the study trip, with the support of their sending branches and in some cases of participants to the inspirational seminar. The final visibility event will take place during SCI General Assembly in December 2017.

The full application can be found on SCI's Members Area

All countries who are members of CoE are potentially eligible to join the activities, but priority is to be given to branches who already expressed their interest at the moment of the submission of the application, namely: SCI Switzerland, SCI Catalonia, SCI Hellas, VIA Belgium, SCI France, SCI Hellas, SCI Italy, CVS Bulgaria, VSI Ireland.

Interested in joining the prep-team? We are now searching for activits who will follow the development of the project throughout 2017. If you are interested in joining please send our coordinator Sara an email with your motivation by the 28th of December at the latest!

 Supported by the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe. 


Theano Ioanna Gympaki Friday, 30 December 2016 · Edit Reply


I am interested in taking part in the preparation team, but I am not allowed to contact the coordinator Sara.
Could you please help me contacting her by giving me her e-mail account?
Thank you!

SCI - International Secretariat Tuesday, 03 January 2017 · Edit Reply

Dear Theano,
Thank you for your interest in this project.
You can send your motivation to join the team to our International Coordinator, Sara Turra, at coordinator@sci.ngo,
Please note that the deadline was 28th December therefore we would ask you to send an email as soon as possible, by 5th January at the latest.
Kind regards,
SCI - International Secretariat


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