“Los Otros“ a Seminar Against Stereotypes

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From 30 October until 5 November 2016 participants from SCI branches and partners from all around Europe met in Madrid to discuss and develop the complexities of stereotypes. SCI Madrid and the SCI Pool of Trainers and Facilitators organised the seminar "Los Otros: How to prepare young people do deal with their own stereotypes".

Photo taken in seminar "Los Otros: How to prepare young people do deal with their own stereotypes". Madrid, Spain (October 2016)



We base most of our work around breaking down stereotypes and barriers between people of different backgrounds – and instead we try to strengthen a culture of peace. Yet, we as an organisation don’t have enough forums to discuss the harmful stereotypes we as an organisation perpetuate – for example in images and language.

The seminar was the follow-up to last year‘s "Picturing the Global South“ seminar in Vienna and is part of a bigger initiative of trying to make SCI more aware of global power structures that are also present in our organisation and to be more critical, when working against global injustice and for peace. At the same time, we had the possibility of getting to know more who is perceived as „the others“ in Madrid, to dance to ABBA songs, to do street actions and to plan lots of follow-up project ideas.

The amazing and fruitful outcome of the seminar will be published at the beginning of 2017 in a second version of our toolkit "Picturing the Global South“. The toolkit will give guidance on selecting volunteers and organising preparation seminars for North-South exchange, but will also go deeper into being aware and making aware about global injustice and racism in general.


Lasantha Pethiyagoda Wednesday, 30 November 2016 · Edit Reply

For the most part, in many organisations, breaking down stereotypes about race or colour is limited to maintaining the status quo of "having made an effort" and is usually to be politically correct and to be seen as making a difference to how things have traditionally been done. This is something that needs to change in observable ways, and SCI is well placed to make that change.


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