Call from Radio Ghetto for volunteers

Posted by Communication on Jun 27

Radio Ghetto is a participatory radio project involving African farm workers who live in the Gran Ghetto di Rignano Garganico, in the Puglia region of Italy. The radio seeks new volunteers able to contribute their skills and energies to a fifth summer of transmissions. 

Radio Ghetto, volunteers, Italy (2016)

From July 25 to September 11 Radio Ghetto will raise its antenna in the Gran Ghetto of Rignano (FG), once again becoming a tool for self-expression used by residents to speak of their life conditions, their isolation, and the exploitation they suffer each day working in the tomato fields of Puglia

Radio Ghetto is also a space for relaxation after a day's work, a place to socialize while good music plays in the background. 

Radio Ghetto does not seek professional radio personalities. It seeks people who are curious to discover and interact with a little known reality that is often exploited by the media.

If you want to dedicate a week of your vacations to the growth of Radio Ghetto, write to: with subject line: Call for Volunteers 2016

A technical/informative training will take place in July. More information soon.

This is a purely volunteer project. If you can't come, please share this call with your friends and contacts. 

You can find more information about Ghetto here.


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