Join Climate for Peace


For volunteers:


  • Ask at your local branch about activities related to Climate for Peace.

  • Read more about SCI activists taking action for climate justice and sustainable living in the Climate for Peace: Inspirations booklet.

  • Participate in a Climate for Peace workcamp (find them at, tick "Climate for Peace Campaign" in the "Topics" tab).

  • Get updates and new information through the "Climate for Peace" weekly newsletter.

  • Organize a screening of "Nonviolence Needs Nature" or other "Climate  for Peace" videos for your friends and hold a discussion afterwards.

  • Apply for funds through GAIA MicroGrants Programme and organize an activity for climate change adaptation or for sustainable food systems.

  • Create a "Climate for Peace" working group at your branch and organize projects in your community (for ideas see "Climate for Peace: Inspirations" booklet).

  • And most importantly - walk the talk in your everyday life! Demand sustainable solutions from your political leaders and influence local businesses to contribute to solving climate change!




For workcamp coordinators:


  • Organize a "Climate for Peace" workcamp or adjust already existing workcamps to "Climate for Peace" Workcamp Guidelines.

  • Hold a workcamp coordinator training focused on issues of climate justice and sustainable living (for ideas of activities refer to "Climate for Peace Toolkit").

  • Mainstream the idea in your branch by organizing your activities and everyday work in a sustainable way.

  • Organize a screening of "Nonviolence Needs Nature" or other "Climate for Peace" videos during the workcamp and hold a discussion afterwards.

  • Share your ideas and workcamp experiences with "Climate for Peace" at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .




Other ideas? Share them with us and help make them reality!

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