European Day for Victims of Hate Crime

Crimes motivated by hatred and prejudice happen every day all over the world. Many of the hate crimes go unreported and victims of hate crime are not only statistics, but people whose dignity and human rights have been violated. That is unbearable and unforgivable, something that disturbs me and makes me sad. I was wondering can I do something for this problem? Can I help to somebody, or raise awareness? The answer was "yes, of course."
no hate speech
Locals in Antwerp taking action! 
“Raise awareness in the streets of Antwerp and Speak Love, not Hate” an idea that turned out to be a great success. A perfect sunny day, for a perfect, peaceful and respectful commemoration and rememberance activity in the park. The aim was to raise public awareness and to develop understanding about important human rights issues, to give recognition of suffering of individuals and groups in our society and prompt us to act in order to create a society based on human rights.  My first action, definitely not possible to forget it. A little bit worried, scared if everything was going to be fine but at the same time happy and satisfied with all the kind people that started to coming, asking questions, being interested in the topic “speak love, no hate” and taking pictures with our “balloon of thinking”. It was made from cardboard on which was written “ Speak Peace Not Hate” and we, volunteers from the SCI International Secretariat were explaining why we were doing this and what it means. In the meantime we had leaflets with info about the action day and the No Hate Speech Movement which we handed out to people that were passing by. We also asked them to leave us notes and quotes about the No Hate Speech Movement and our action, what they felt and thought about it and how they react.
Article by Angela Aleksandrovska 
no hate speech no hate speech
 no hate speech
For more photos from the local action click here


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