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New faces in the BB team

Posted by projects on Aug 29

The Building Bridges team has selected 7 new fresh members for the team! Half of them are helping Hinka (from CVS Bulgaria) with the BB toolkit tasks and half are assisting Suvi (from the IS) with the campaign. Please read their introductions below!

Gender equality: a global analysis

Posted by projects on Aug 29

This article is the first from our Online Volunteers project and it doesn’t reflect the ideas of SCI movement, just the author's point of view.

by Akudo McGee

In December 2015, dialogue about gender equality in the United States was reignited on the Internet, with differing opinions published online, in print and expressed in the comment section of forums, magazines and blogs. This came after the United Nations sent three human rights experts to the United States to examine the country’s treatment of women and commitment to gender equality. Their findings prompted concern about gender equality in the U.S. but it also renewed the debate about gender equality worldwide.

Gender Blender Working Group Update

Posted by projects on Aug 29

Since 2015, SCI has worked on the topic of gender through SCI informal working group called Gender Blenders. Th Gender Blender group was created out of the No More War team out of a discussion connecting gender violence and war.  The group was created during a seminar held in November 2015 entitled “Picture Perfect? Dangerous stereotypes about Gender and Sexuality” (funded by Erasmus+). The group is in the process of organizing a new programme “Free to be you and me: Courage and tools to create peace and safety for young people of all genders and sexualities”, open for participants from project partners.  

Follow-up events of “A Route To Connect” are here

Posted by projects on Aug 29

As a follow-up to the Balkan study trip of the “A Route To Connect” project, coordinated by SCI with the support of the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe, the participants are organizing local events in their home countries in collaboration with their local SCI branch on the theme of people seeking asylum.

Statement in response to 17 August 2017 Barcelona attacks

Posted by projects on Aug 21

Service Civil International (SCI) unequivocally condemns the terrorist attacks that took place on August 17 2017 in Barcelona on the Ramblas and in Cambrils. We express our deepest condolences to the victims and their loved ones and send strength to all those feeling the effects of the attacks. Now more than ever it is important to turn away from hate, terror and xenophobia and ensure that we come together to offer support and strength. SCI stands against violence and hopes that through a culture of peace these types of events will not occur again.

SCI Catalonia has released a statement on the 18th of August condemning the attacks. Please read the statement below.



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