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Response to the Council of the European Union's Press Release (Statements and Remarks 806/17)

Posted by Administrator on Dec 27

Reinforcing European defence: remarks by President Donald Tusk at the event on PESCO


Reading the press release of 14 December 2017 from the Council of the European Union (Statements and Remarks 806/17), Service Civil International (SCI) was heavily concerned about the latest decisions the Council of the European Union made in regards to security and defence.


We are concerned with the narrative coming out of Brussels. In our nearly 100 years history of speaking to people of different nationalities and backgrounds and bringing them together, we are convinced that war and conflict are unnecessary to the functioning of humanity and society and can only bring about destruction.


We call for a European Union devoted to the original aims of the Community, defined in the Article I-3 of the Constitutional Treaty - sustainable development, scientific and technological advance, promotion of economic cohesion and solidarity among Member States - that stands strongly behind its values of peace and tolerance by remaining an important player in non-violent and diplomatic resolutions of conflicts.


SCI's full response can be read and downloaded here

On the way to 2020 - Toyohisa Monden

Posted by projects on Dec 27

Toyohisa Monden has been active for almost 60 years in SCI. This year he was the delegate of SCI Japan at the ICM, the annual meeting of SCI, in Catalonia.  The interview started Thursday-afternoon and continued early Saturday morning, Monden actually had so much to tell!

IAVE Asia Pacific Youth Volunteer Conference 2017

Posted by projects on Dec 27

Article contribution by SCI Malaysia, telling us all about the IAVE Asia Pacific Youth Volunteer Conference.

Incoming School Project

Posted by projects on Dec 21

Our friends from SCI Malaysia would like to share with you the report of the Incoming School Project in Germany! 

Celebrating 35 years in SCI Catalonia

Posted by projects on Dec 21

Our branch in Catalonia tells us all about their 35th anniversairy! 


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